How to Respect Your Wife: Practical Ways To Show Her She Matters

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How to Respect Your Wife: Practical Ways To Show Her She Matters

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Respect is the cornerstone of any relationship, especially marriage. Without respect, no marriage can thrive and live in a loving and supportive environment. As a husband, how do you respect your wife’s feelings? Just because you do not cause physical harm or call your wife names, it does not mean that you respect her either.

It is important that you take proactive steps to demonstrate your respect for your wife.

11 Ways to Respect Your Wife’s Feelings

Respect is a two-way street. You need to show respect in order to be respected. As a husband, you can start this positive chain in a marriage when you respect your wife’s feelings and make her feel cared for.

Discover the 11 ways to show respect to your wife and make her feel that she matters.

1. Listen to Her

Listening is one of the sincerest forms of showing respect to your wife. When she is heard, she feels understood and valued. It is a way for husbands and wives to establish a deeper connection with each other.

The act of listening builds a certain level of trust and openness in your relationship. But more importantly, she feels respected because her opinion and voice matter to you.

2. Be Mindful of How You Communicate

Communication is one of the most essential tools for a successful relationship. But it’s also one of the hardest to get right.

You need to be mindful of the way you communicate to your partner so you don’t hurt her feelings in the process. If there is a source of conflict, refrain from using an accusatory tone. Disagreements are a part of married life. But it’s how you handle and communicate during such instances that make a difference.

Communication is also more than just words. Think about the non-verbal communication that you use to make your wife feel respected.

3. Don’t Do Anything to Hurt Her

Respect is all about being sensitive to your wife’s feelings. One way to respect your wife’s feelings is to make a commitment to not hurt her – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you have been married for a while, then you already know what she likes and dislikes. If possible, avoid doing things that she does not like. It’s called respect. Don’t do anything that you know will upset her.

4. Provide For Your Family

In this modern age, there are plenty of women who work and are able to provide for themselves and their family. However, a man who makes it his responsibility to provide for his family is someone who respects his wife. The goal of a hardworking man is to make sure that his family will live a comfortable life where their needs are met.

A woman feels more secure when there is financial security within the family. Therefore, a man should work hard for her and for his family, as long as he is able to.

5. Don’t Raise Your Voice

The way you talk to your wife is another way to demonstrate your respect for her. This means that you should never raise your voice or yell at her, especially in front of your children or in public.

Yelling at her is a clear sign of disrespect. If you feel angered or triggered, take some time to cool down before you discuss matters with her. Never discuss issues when you are angry. Take time to clear your head so you can discuss things objectively.

If you raise your voice to her, it defines who you are as a person, not her. But it also builds resentment in her towards you, and you would not want that to strain your relationship.

6. Demonstrate Trust

Trust can make or break a relationship. Trust is more than just believing that your partner won’t cheat on you. Trust is about being confident that your spouse will live up to their word.

Do not try to be overly controlling of your wife. This is one of the best ways to respect your wife’s feelings. Avoid texting or calling her all the time when she is out. Avoid going through her phone to check her messages. Avoid snooping around when she is out with friends.

When you demonstrate that you trust her, she will give you more reasons to.

7. Make Her Feel Secured

There are several ways that you can make your wife feel secure. One way is to match your words with your actions. When you tell her that you love and respect her, be sure to demonstrate it through your actions.

For example, take her on dates or buy her something nice on her birthday or your anniversary. Help her cook dinner for the family. Give her time to go out while you take care of the kids for her. It’s these simple acts that reaffirm you respect and love her and give her a higher sense of security in your marriage. That is the ultimate expression of respect.


8. Make Important Decisions Together

As a married couple, you need to make important decisions together. This is one of the best ways to show your respect towards your wife, especially when it involves finances.

A lot of husbands tend to feel like they can make decisions on their own, especially if they are the main provider in the family. But even if you make money, you still have to consult your wife when making big decisions because you respect her and you value her opinion in the family.

9. Appreciate Your Differences

Respect is about acknowledging and understanding your differences. This is true not just in married life, but even in non-romantic relationships. Every individual is unique. The better you understand that, the better you can appreciate your differences rather than look at it as a source of argument.

11 ways to show respect to your wife

10. Encourage Time Apart

A married couple should consist of two whole individuals and not two halves. Therefore, one of the best ways to show respect to your wife and make her feel like she matters is to allow her to pursue time outside the home so she can be alone – or spend time with her friends.

Spending time away from home to be with friends or engage in her favorite activities is good for her mental health. As a husband, you need to give her that time, as much as you enjoy time on your own too.

11. Support Her Dreams

Lastly, supporting your wife in her endeavors is one of the most practical and sincere ways to respect her feelings. A lot of husbands look at their wives’ dreams as a hobby rather than a calling. But if she is really serious about pursuing something, give her your full support and words of encouragement. Not only will she feel respected, but it will also give her extra motivation to pursue her dreams.

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