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Paul Chiariello

Paul Chiariello, LMSW, MSc Ed, has a diverse background in conflict resolution, education, and clinical social work that he applies to his therapeutic practice. He focuses on helping clients as they explore and become their best versions of themselves.

Paul’s clinical approach is grounded in unconditional positive regard, mindfulness, cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies, and schema therapy. He specializes in working with relationships, men’s issues, identity formation, depression, anxiety, anger, along with religious and existential crises.

Paul works with adult individuals and couples, along with adolescents. He earned his Masters in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University. In addition, Paul has the following certifications and advanced trainings:

Before his career as a psychotherapist, Paul worked in sociology research, conflict resolution, and curriculum development. After completing a Fulbright in Indonesia and earning his Masters of Science in Sociology of Education at the University of Oxford, he worked with humanitarian non-profits and think tanks in post-conflict contexts in Uganda, Bosnia, India, and other countries abroad. Thereafter, he developed and led socio-emotional, critical thinking and ethics curricula for camps and school programs for adolescents.

Paul loves to read, play chess, travel, explore the outdoors, binge watch TV shows, and occasionally gets lost in abstract philosophical discussions. You can read articles by Paul on Men’s Mental Health along with how to have difficult discussions with teens in our blog section.