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Is Your Marriage or Relationship in Crisis? Or Just Want to Make It Stronger?

Rebuild the Ties that Brought You Together

Whether your relationship is in trouble, or you just want to make it stronger, we can help provide the “cure” for your relationship problems through marriage and couples counseling and therapy in NYC. We combine top-rated advances in scientifically proven
marriage and couples therapy and counseling into one effective approach: the Loving at Your Best Plan.

Will Marriage & Couples Counseling NYC at the Loving at Your Best Plan Help My Relationship?


  • Know if your relationship is headed for disaster, without an intervention: our therapists are trained to predict with 94% accuracy if your relationship is headed for separation or divorce

  • Expect the highest probability of improving your marriage or relationship of any couples therapy: we use proven methods in marriage and couples counseling, with a recovery rate of up to 73% for distressed couples–compared to less than 50% recovery for the other two leading couples therapies shown to be effective

  • Improve your relationship significantly: 90% of recovered couples experience significant improvement

  • Make lasting changes: using our model, even three years after couples complete our counseling and therapy, relapse rates are extremely low

How Will My Marriage or Relationship Improve?

  • Communicate more effectively: learn how to turn conflicts into opportunities to get closer

  • Rekindle desire for passion, sex, and romance between you

  • Rebuild and maintain your emotional connection, love, and respect

  • Identify your relationship vision, and learn how to help build and support each others’ dreams

  • Significantly reduce the risk of relapsing into the same old patterns

How Does Marriage & Couples Counseling Work at the Loving at Your Best Plan?

Once you schedule an appointment, the process starts with three Assessment Sessions, followed by Intervention Sessions. The process is:

  1. One joint assessment session with you and your spouse or partner

  2. One individual assessment session for both you and your spouse or partner

  3. One joint feedback and goal setting session with you and your spouse or partner

  4. Joint intervention sessions: your therapist at the Loving at Your Best Plan will design a specific roadmap of marriage and couples counseling to help you and your spouse or partner meet your goals in your relationship. During sessions, your therapist focuses on helping you rebuild your relationship so that you can use the skills and techniques to significantly improve your connection. We accomplish your goals in as short a time period as possible, depending on your needs

How Do I Get Started?

We make it easy for you to schedule your first session and get your relationship back as soon as possible. Choose your preferred option, and schedule an appointment now: 

  1. Book Now: review available openings, and book now

  2. Call Us: we’re available to answer any questions, and to set up your first appointment at 212-725-7774

  3. Contact Us Form: complete our online form, and we’ll contact you as soon as we can

We offer an extensive range of services, including marriage & couples counseling and therapy in NYC and Vermont, webinars, workshops, individual therapy, and group therapy.

Top-Rated Advances for Lasting Results in Marriage & Couples Counseling and Therapy in NYC

The director of the Loving at Your Best Plan, Travis W. Atkinson, L.C.S.W., designed the plan based on his extensive training using several marriage and couples therapy models, including Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy, Jeff Young’s Schema Therapy, John Gottman’s Method for Couples Therapy, Daniel Siegel’s Interpersonal Neurobiology, Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. Our therapists are passionate about their work, and will do everything to help you and your spouse or partner become the greatest sources of happiness in each others’ lives. 

How Do I Know if My Marriage or Relationship is in Danger?

At the Loving at Your Best Plan, you will learn to identify six relationship “breakers” that, if not addressed,  predict with 94% accuracy if a relationship will dissolve. For instance, if you roll your eyes at your partner or spouse, this is a strong predictor for separation. Without an effective intervention, couples who separate early in their relationship are usually volatile and negative. Couples who stay together over time, are miserable, and then separate usually suppress their emotions and feel lonely. This is a couple in a restaurant sitting together but not talking to each other.

You can work with an expert at the Loving at Your Best Plan to “inoculate” your relationship against separation by seeking therapy early in your relationship, long before a major crisis hits. But even if your relationship is in crisis and has high risk factors for separation, your marriage or relationship doesn’t have to be doomed. Using the Loving at Your Best Plan, the degree of distress in your relationship rarely predicts the outcome of our marriage and couples therapy (less than 4% of the time).

During the intervention sessions of the Loving at Your Best Plan, you can develop the “antidotes” to the six relationship breakers. You can learn to build respect, affection, and closeness toward each other. Every day, you can create romance with your partner, generate greater understanding, make conflicts opportunities for growth, break through and end conflict gridlock, and maintain the progress of your relationship.

Using the Loving at Your Best Plan, your therapist works with you to first create rapid, dramatic changes in the problematic areas of your marriage or relationship.

What to Expect from Marriage & Couples Counseling NYC? 

1. Assess the strengths and core challenges in your relationship, including personal histories that may influence your present conflicts

2. Develop a specific strategy based on goals that you set with your counselor, including a general time frame based on the assessment

3. Tailor each session to target both your core needs and how you struggle to get your needs met

What are the Interventions to Help My Marriage or Relationship Improve?

When your marriage or relationship is in distress, you and your spouse or partner may be stuck in habitual patterns that reinforce your worst fears, and can even take on a life of their own.

These negative patterns can affect all aspects of your lives together, and can end up defining how you experience each other.

When you get upset with each other, you and your spouse or partner may respond to each other through intense, rigid, and negative reactions.

While both of you may be trying to react the best ways you know how, you may not realize how your reactions can make it so difficult to get what you need.

Your marriage and couples therapist at the Loving at Your Best Plan will guide you and your spouse or partner to create and solidify a new relationship pattern together.

The results of a healthier pattern include securing equality, trust, and closeness with each other, and help you experience each other in a new, loving way.

Is My Relationship Bad for My Health? 

If you stay in an unhealthy relationship without confronting the distress, you and your partner face a significantly increased risk for exacting an enormous toll on your mental and physical health, according to the latest research.

Anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure are correlated with troubled relationships. People who stay in a happy relationship live, on average, four years longer than people in distressed relationships; people in unhappy relationships increase their chances of getting sick by 35 percent.

After suffering a heart attack, the quality of the romantic relationship is the greatest predictor for recovery, not lifestyle or diet changes.

As reported in The New York Times, a recent study to be published this year in the journal Psychological Science showed that women in happy relationships decreased their negative emotions during a feared situation when their partners held their hand.

As Dr. James Coan, who led the study states, “If you’re in a really strong relationship, you may be protected against pain and stress hormones that may have a damaging effect on your immune system.” (October 5, 2006).

The message: if your relationship is in distress, confront the difficulties to make it better, or you may pay an enormous price.

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