Walking on Eggshells? The Disorganized Attachment Style

What is a disorganized attachment style? How does it start? What can you and your partner or spouse do in your marriage or love relationship to heal and create a more satisfying relationship so that neither of you feel that you have to “walk on eggshells” around each other? First, we need to be compassionate […]

Entangled in Your Marriage? All About Anxious Preoccupied Attachment

Have you ever worried that your partner or spouse doesn’t love you enough, or that you can’t get close to them? In your marriage or love relationship, do you feel jealousy and fear of being abandoned? These are just a few signs of an anxious-preoccupied attachment style, a type of relationship connection pattern that can […]

Banishing the Toxic Critic in Your Mind

“If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family.” ~ Ram Dass It was exciting to go away to college. You were leaving home to meet new people and do things that had nothing to do with your childhood. But you were an adult, so you were ready to leave families you loved […]

10 Ways To Put Effort Into Your Relationship

If you want something, you have to make an effort to achieve it. The same applies to a relationship. If you want a happy and healthy relationship, you must put in the effort to allow it to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, a lot of people no longer put effort into their relationship, especially if they’ve been with their partners for a long time. Complacency could end up ruining your relationship because you make the other person feel undervalued and underappreciated. It is important to know how to put effort into a relationship so you can keep it strong.

How To Deal With A Lying Husband? Coping When The Spouse Is Lying

Are you married to a liar? It’s tough to be confronted with this question because the last thing that you would want to discover about your spouse is that they’re lying to you. You vowed to stay in love and to honor each other. Trust is integral to that. But you can’t have trust when someone is lying.

Stages of Marriage: 7 Phases Every Lasting Relationship Passes Through

All relationships go through stages. Every stage teaches you about the other person, which might reveal a side of them that you didn’t know about. This is a learning process, and the couple needs to work through the challenges in order to grow. Some couples survive these stages, others don’t. Knowing about the 7 stages of marriage can help you prepare for the emotional rollercoaster ahead. If that’s not enough hint yet, there’s going to be a lot of ups and downs that will surely test your love for each other and your individual mental fortitude.

Does Couples Counseling Work?

Does couples counseling work? This is the first question that comes to mind when a couple decides to try counseling to resolve issues or conflicts within their relationship. It’s a valid question. The moment you decide to undergo therapy is an indicator that you have some serious issues within the relationship – it’s something that is way beyond the scope of regular fights that most couples go through.

What are your relationship deal breakers?

Did your man or woman pass your love test? When you met your partner or spouse, did he or she pass your “deal breakers” test? If you are like many couples, the chemistry that drew you to your partner may have been nature’s way of cementing the bond between you, and many of the items […]

Still Hung Up On That? Why Our Mind Has a Hard Time Forgetting

New York couples have been faced with extreme tests when emotional injuries may have occurred, including 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy Have you felt an intense amount of pain from an event in your marriage or love relationship? An experience when one partner or spouse fails to respond at times of urgent need strongly influences the […]

Is a Ghost from the Past Haunting Your Marriage or Love Relationship?

Ghosts from the past can be unwelcome intruders in your marriage or love relationship Are you or your partner or spouse experiencing symptoms in your marriage or love relationship that could be related to a history of trauma? A common dialogue between a couple where one partner has a history of trauma might go like […]