Effective Conflict is the Booby Prize in a Marriage or Love Relationship

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Effective Conflict is the Booby Prize in a Marriage or Love Relationship

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How do you fight in your marriage or love relationship?

Fighting better is only the booby prize, from my experience with couples. As good as it feels to be able to engage in conflict effectively, it’s not the grand prize for a marriage or love relationship.

Join me for the next Marriage and Couples in NYC Webinar: Thursday November 7th @ 8:30 p.m. “Conflict is the Booby Prize in a Marriage or Love Relationship”

I’ll cover details about the grand prize for all couples: how each spouse or partner responds to each other, especially in times of need.

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Marriage and Couples Counseling and Therapy in NYC Webinar: Thursday November 7th @ 8:30 p.m.

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Travis Atkinson, LCSW

Travis Atkinson, LCSW

About Travis

A recent, independently verified client review about Travis and his work:


“It is not possible to simply explain what Travis does…but, he is wise, kind, empathic, and inspired. He is a therapist like none other.”

Travis Atkinson, LCSW, is an expert in the field of marriage and couples counseling and therapy, not just a therapist with a few weekend trainings about couples therapy. He is a pioneer in schema couples therapy, working with the creator of schema therapy, Jeffrey E. Young, PhD, since 1994. Travis also trained in the top-rated couples therapy approaches available throughout the world.

Travis has completed advanced trainings and has certificates in the following specialties:

*Advanced Certified Schema Therapist, Supervisor & Trainer

*Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist & Supervisor

*Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist

*Certified Group Psychotherapist

*Advanced Practitioner of Mindsight

You can be assured Travis has the expertise to deal with your areas of challenge in your marriage or love relationship in NYC.

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