Couple Goals for 2023: How to Make Your Love Blossom

One area that a lot of couples decide to work on relates to improving communication and your ability to resolve conflicts. When couples can effectively navigate challenging conversations and find solutions, they can build stronger, more fulfilling connections with each other. 

Follow some tips to help you improve your communication and conflict-resolution skills in 2023.

The Different Types of Affairs That Lead to Divorce

An affair is a dreaded term among spouses. Nothing ever hurts more than the realization that your spouse is having extramarital affairs. Whether it’s emotionally or sexually motivated, affairs can ruin a marriage.

Can a Relationship Go Back to Normal After Someone Cheats?

Cheating impacts relationships in a significant way. There is a loss of trust and the feeling of hurt and anger from the spouse that was cheated on. It is an overwhelming mix of emotions and you don’t know how to make sense of them.

How to Remain Calm When Your Spouse Says Hurtful Things

Emotions can get the best of anyone, both good and bad emotions. It’s how you choose to deal with the emotions that make the difference. In relationships, especially with married couples, the old maxim “familiarity breeds contempt” couldn’t be more applicable. In a perfect world, you don’t want to say hurtful things to your partner. But love isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. When you live with someone long enough, miscommunications, disagreements, differences, and even fights could arise from time to time. Sometimes, people say things they don’t mean out of anger. So what do you do when your spouse says hurtful things in the middle of an argument? Here are some things you can do to keep the situation from going further south.

10 Signs You’re in a One-Sided Relationship

We’ll go over ten signs that you may be in a one-sided relationship, including major themes that are related to this one-sidedness that are “lifetraps,” or chronic patterns of schemas that you may have experienced in your significant relationships. With some work, you can thoroughly address the problem(s), especially with the help of one of our marriage therapists in NY at Loving at Your Best, or to get help getting out of the toxic relationship dynamic.

Does Couples’ Counseling Work? The Pros and Cons That Will Surprise You

All married couples go through a rough patch. Whether it’s serious or not, it is important to address the problem quickly. Undergoing couples counseling is one of the solutions available for couples that require professional help or intervention in their marriage. If you’re curious about how effective this method is, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at the pros and cons of marriage counseling and what you can do to make it work.

What are the top 10 warning signs of an affair?

Finding out your partner or spouse is having an affair is one of the worst fears to face. Suspicions alone can’t be taken as evidence that they are cheating on you. However, unless mistrust is one of your key areas of sensitivity that your brain may be magnifying, you may be picking up on something that needs to be addressed with your spouse. If you think there’s a legitimate reason to be concerned, it’s better to find out the truth and address it rather than live in ignorance.

Does Couples Counseling Work?

Does couples counseling work? This is the first question that comes to mind when a couple decides to try counseling to resolve issues or conflicts within their relationship. It’s a valid question. The moment you decide to undergo therapy is an indicator that you have some serious issues within the relationship – it’s something that is way beyond the scope of regular fights that most couples go through.

Seeing danger signs in your marriage

When a couple is stuck in a negative pattern, even the slightest action can turn into an explosive eruption. For most couples who come for marriage therapy, they realize that they are not able to get out of it on their own. This acceptance is a first step to identify the problem behind the pattern, and then develop a plan for change that involves creating a new way to connect with each other.

Read about the ingredients of a conflict are mostly similar with most couples in a negative pattern. In most cases, one partner criticizes or blames, and another defends or withdraws. For some couples both partners go into an attack mode, with one or both eventually retreating. In the worst cases, both partners stop attacking, but in a withdrawal state, the relationship is on life support.

What are your relationship deal breakers?

Did your man or woman pass your love test? When you met your partner or spouse, did he or she pass your “deal breakers” test? If you are like many couples, the chemistry that drew you to your partner may have been nature’s way of cementing the bond between you, and many of the items […]