What Does Memorial Day Mean for You in Your Marriage or Love Relationship?

When you think of Memorial Day, what does it mean for you, your marriage or love relationship, and your family? For many, we remember the men and women serving our country, and those who came before them. Many others think of backyard, terrace, or park bbq’s with all the topics, from meat sausages to vegetarian […]

How Your Brain Protects You and Can Hurt You in Your Marriage or Love Relationship

In your marriage or love relationship, your mind wants to protect you from the possibility of abandonment, hurt, or betrayal that you may have experienced from a prior significant relationship. However, your brain is much more likely to keep you alive if it overestimates the links or associations between what is going on in your […]

Why Does Not Loading the Dishwasher Turn into Such a Big Fight?

As humans, we all have raw spots, or areas of sensitivity, that come from our temperament and our life experiences. In adult love relationships, your personal history with key caregivers, usually your parents and past romantic relationships, influences how you perceive situations with your partner or spouse now, especially when your partner or spouse does […]

How to Make Love Last: the 3-R’s of the Loving at Your Best Plan

At the Loving at Your Best Plan in NYC, we use the “3-R’s” to increase the security in your marriage or relationship. The 3-R process is: 1.     Regulate your central nervous system to maintain your ability to adequately see yourself and your partner or spouse 2.     Reflect on what is happening with yourself and your partner […]

2 Ways to Break Up Your Marriage or Love Relationship

How do you know if your marriage or relationship is headed off-course? When you don’t see or understand your needs for connecting in your marriage or love relationship, and don’t know how to connect on a deeper level, your reaction most likely fits into one of two categories: 1.     Turning away from your partner or […]

4 Key Questions to Ask in Your Marriage or Love Relationship

A whole new science of love and connection has developed over the last two decades that helps 7 out of 10 distressed marriages or couples significantly repair their relationship, known as Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, developed by Sue Johnson, author of “Hold Me Tight.” Love doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore, and is […]

Am I Too Needy? The Anxious Partner in a Marriage or Relationship

Does your husband, wife, or partner accuse you of being “needy” in your marriage or love relationship? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by anxiety or anger when your partner or spouse doesn’t respond to you the way you’d like, or isn’t available? Are you sometimes confused by wanting to be closer with your partner or […]

The Day After Tragedy, Let Us Remember Kindness

Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things, feel the future dissolve in a moment like salt in a weakened broth. What you held in your hand, what you counted and carefully saved, all this must go so you know how desolate the landscape can be between the regions of kindness. How […]

Does Couples Counseling Work? A Key Tool

A key tool to help couples counseling work actually lies in how both a partner or spouse in a marriage or relationship tell the stories of who they are and what they’ve experienced in their lives. How do you understand what happens to you in your own life? Most likely, you tell stories to give […]

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