How Do You Tell Your Story in Your Marriage or Relationship?

Did you know that how you tell your personal stories in your life reveals how you connect and attach in your significant relationships, especially in your marriage or love relationship? You organize the experiences in your life through a voice that narrates a story inside your brain. The people closest to you in your life […]

Relationship Advice for Women & Men: Are You Lonely?

“Two fears are ever present: the fear of being smothered, and the fear of being bad” Loving at Arm’s Length In your marriage or relationship, do you or your partner or spouse have a hard time staying connected and feeling close to each other? Do you often feel lonely in your relationship, even though you […]

How Can I Save My Marriage or Relationship?

Perhaps you’ve come to the point where you’re asking yourself how you can save your marriage from divorce or relationship from separation. One of the most important things you can do to start is identify what it means to be close to your partner or spouse. How we connect with others has been studied for […]

What is the Most Common Theme You May Not Know You Have?

Do You Feel You Don’t Get Enough Affection, Warmth or Attention from Your Partner or Spouse? The most common mental filter people experience is also the most difficult for most people to identify. The symptoms of this schema include common feelings of loneliness, sadness, or bitterness without knowing why you’re experiencing them. Other symptoms include […]

Relationship Advice for Men & Women in NYC

Have You Lost that “Loving” Feeling in Your Marriage or Relationship? How long does it take to shift from feeling that intoxicated “in-love” feeling to feeling “in-love” in a committed relationship? For most of us, after about six months, we start to shift into the love that is much more rewarding, what we call companionate […]

Advice on Relationships: Have We Met Before?

Do I Know You from Somewhere? What Draws You and Your Partner or Spouse Together Can Also Split You Apart Whether you realize or not, the person you chose to be your partner or spouse most likely resembles, in some way, the person who raised us as a child, whether that be through acting in […]

Do You Still Find Each Others Quirks Cute?

In the beginning of your marriage or relationship, did you celebrate the differences between you and your spouse? For instance, did you like that your partner or spouse had his or her own interests, opinions, views, friends, and career? If you’ve been in your marriage or relationship for some time, you may notice that things […]

Is Your Marriage or Relationship Alive?

What Helps You and Your Partner or Spouse Fly Over Hurdles Together? If you admire and respect your partner or spouse, even being in a bad place together won’t be enough to break you apart—your relationship is still very much alive. Even though you may be facing big hurdles in your marriage or relationship, you […]

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