Helping Your Marriage Survive the Pandemic in New York

The pandemic has put a massive strain on the world as a whole. The COVID-19 virus is pushing our healthcare system to its breaking point, our education system is scrambling to adapt to the challenges of virtual learning models, and the tension of it all is affecting our marriages and love relationships.

7 New Year’s Ways to Improve Your Marriage

You’ve heard the typical New Year’s resolutions before: lose weight, learn to play an instrument, save more money! These resolutions are all well and good, but they rarely last through the whole year. Most people will start strong for the first 2-4 weeks of the year but grow tired of forming new habits and let their resolutions fall to the wayside. But what if your resolution is a bit more…personal? What if you resolve to strengthen your relationship with your significant other? You don’t want to let that fall to the wayside after 2-4 weeks!

How to Navigate Your Teen’s Radical Politics

Are you struggling to understand your teen’s radical political stances? In a time of seismic changes and instability, parents may feel more threatened than ever that their teen’s political views and movements may be driving a wedge between them. Read how to shore up the relationship with your teen, practicing healthy parenting that includes curiosity, openness, and acceptance of your teen’s beliefs, even when you disagree. With some helpful guidance, you can work toward improving your relationship with your teen over the long-haul, and navigate short-term bumps along your journey.

What are the warning signs for an affair in your marriage or love relationship?

For some partners, they want to end a marriage or love relationship, and don’t know another way of getting out. Other partners want to chase after a “rush” that comes from new situations. Read about how, for most couples, the origins of an affair for one partner is usually more about the attention they receive from another person outside of the marriage or love relationship who ends up becoming an affair, after they have lived for sometimes many years in a primary relationship that is the equivalent of an emotional desert.

Surviving turbulent times in your marriage or love relationship

We all want life to give us certainty, and we all desire a sense of permanence. At the same time, there are moments when we are faced with the reality that life is uncertain, and volatile. Even with the latest advances in medicine, and our eternal struggle for immortality, we still face a reality that at some point, we will lose loved ones around us, and eventually, we will die. Read more about how to navigate your longings and desires in a world where you are forced to face certain realities is an area that can challenge your well-being, and the connection in your marriage or love relationship.

Are your needs being met in your marriage or love relationship?

Scientists have identified seven inherent needs that exist in our brains. Read about how these needs can have a significant impact on your marriage or love relationship. First, what are these needs, and how much does it matter whether they are met? How do you stay balanced between your own needs, and the needs of your partner? Each need originates from nerve-based circuits in the brain that connect electrochemical signals, meaning nerve cells transmit messages to each other until specific parts of your body receive the information needed to perform the behavior to get your need met.

Are you in a politically discordant marriage or love relationship?

Can an election, or a political party division, lead to divorce or separation? Do partners or spouses need to both be Democrat, Republican, or Independent for a marriage to survive? Should Kelly Anne Conway be concerned? Marriage and relationship research tells us that while partners who belong to the same affiliation are more likely to match, once they are in a relationship, political differences themselves don’t have to derail a marriage.

A love relationship breaks down over many factors, but they are quantifiable and predictable. When a couple enters a relationship, often the chemistry that attracts them can paint the partner in the most positive light, and blind them to negative aspects. For instance, one partner’s “lack of expression” in the beginning of the relationship is experienced as calming. As the relationship continues, the spell can turn to a surprising awakening that the partner is “cold” and dismissive.

Are you in an unpredictable marriage?

Can you count on your partner? The cost of being in a marriage or love relationship when you do not know whether you can count on your partner or spouse may surprise you. Tara Parker-Pope writes in the October 26, 2015 issue of the New York Times about new research from Brigham Young University showing […]

What happy couples know

Happy couples know the details of each other’s lives Do you know the intimate details of your partner’s life? Do you know what he or she likes and dislikes, and what makes him or her happy and sad? What are his or her favorite movies, music, television programs, books, and activities? What about his or […]

Have You Fallen Madly In Love?

View fullsize   Doesn’t everyone want to fall madly in love? Do you try intensely to keep intimate, meaningful, and deep connections with a partner or spouse in your love relationships? Falling madly in love is part of a fantasy many people have to find their true “soul mate.” If you relate to this drive, […]

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