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Spark Desire and Enjoy Sex More

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A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University may have surprised some people. Isn’t the answer to improving a marriage or love relationship to simply have more sex? Despite what the cover of some magazines may claim, the study found that more sex won’t make your relationship better. In fact, the study found that couples instructed to have more sex actually felt worse. Couples who were instructed to have more sex experienced lower levels of happiness in two key areas: both sexual desire and enjoyment during sex decreased. 

The authors of the study suggest that perhaps the biggest factor affecting the outcomes seemed to be the fact that couples were instructed to have more sex rather than initiating it on their own. They offered that if the researchers could do the study again, they would help the couples be in a more sexy frame of mind to perhaps change the outcome. 

Missing the Mark: Have you ever tried to have sex with your partner or spouse when you were feeling hurt or upset by something they did? Chances are, you didn’t feel very safe or open in your relationship at the time, and if you even get to the point of having sex, your desire and enjoyment during sex most likely suffered.


Join Travis Atkinson, the creator and director of the Loving at Your Best Plan, on Wednesday September 30th @ 4:00 pm EDT for the Webinar “How to Spark Desire and Enjoy Sex More in Your Marriage or Love Relationship.” The webinar is complimentary, but you must register below to receive instructions to attend. You can join via smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or telephone, and you’ll have the opportunity to comment and ask questions during the webinar.

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