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As parents, especially of a newborn, your world changes rapidly: the excitement and the love you have for your child are mixed with the vast responsibilities and challenges you face wanting to be the best parent possible, while maintaining a relationship with your partner or spouse that helps both of you grow together, instead of apart. 

Did you know that even the most caring, best-educated parents lack basic information about their child's development, and how to best meet the needs of a growing child or teen? Discipline, decision making, self-awareness, school, and relationships can all be especially challenging if you miss understanding what is happening on the "inside" for your child or teen. Even though we can't guarantee you won't still be faced with times of frustration with your child or teen, we can help you master some key elements of how your child or teen's brain works, and help you more effectively respond as a couple to difficult and challenging situations--opportunities to help your child or teen build a solid foundation for social, emotional, and mental health. What you do as parents makes an enormous difference on your child or teen, and our therapists can help you and your partner or spouse shape your child or teen's brain to give him or her the best foundation for a healthy and happy life.

How Do You Understand Yourself? Your Own Story of Your Life Affects Your Child

Experience molds our brain, from childhood through old age, and can actually change the physical structure of our brain. You don't need to be held captive for the rest of your life by what has happened in your history. Even if you've made what any human makes--mistakes--it's not too late to correct them with your child or teen. For instance, if you talk to your child or teen about his or her experiences, your child or teen will have better access to the memories of those experiences later in life. If you and your partner or spouse work to "make sense of" your own histories, you're much more likely to be able to 

Meet Our Team of Parenting Professionals

Debbie Werner

Debbie Werner

Debbie Werner specializes in helping parents with their children, whether they be kids, teens, or adults. She has extensive training working with couples and families, and graduated from an intensive training program at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in Manhattan.

We have a specific Parenting Skills plan to help you

We use the Parenting at Your Best 5-Step Plan to help you with your child or teen. You'll learn practical ways of managing even the most difficult situations you face, and understand why the tools can be so effective, to truly meet the needs of your child or teen. Parenting can become not only more manageable, but more meaningful. You and your partner or spouse may not be looking for a complete transformation, but with the Parenting at Your Best Plan, you can actually enjoy your child or teen more, and better prepare him or her to live rich, emotionally rewarding lives.

Our therapists will help you learn more about how you can bring the lastest knowledge of neurobiology into being an effective parent. You'll learn how the brain of your child or teen develops in different stages, and what each stage needs from you. Ultimately, your parenting can help your child or teen bring different parts of him or her together and function better as a whole. Even when your child or teen becomes overwhelmed by emotions, confused, or feels chaotic, you can help him or her slow down whatever is upsetting, and understand what to do to help them make challenges become opportunities to learn. Tantrums, meltdowns, and aggression can be faced with an understanding of what is feeling so upsetting, and strategies can be deployment to help the chaos return to a state of calm.

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