How to Calm Emotional Storms in Your Relationship

In your marriage or love relationship in NYC, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your emotions? When your partner says something that upsets you, do you have a hard time letting it go? Does your partner sometimes say that you can go from 0 to 60 in an instant? Some people say they are just born "hot blooded" and that this emotional turmoil is just part of their personality. Science tells us a different story.

Using the latest techniques for marriage and couples counseling and therapy in NYC, the Loving at Your Best Plan addresses partners who can get caught up in an emotional storm, along with partners who tend to hide behind a wall. If you tend to be the partner who can get overwhelmed by emotions, you can do something to help you feel much better.

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Travis Atkinson, LCSW, has been practicing as a therapist in NYC since 1995, and has trained couples therapists nationally and internationally for many years, including trainings in Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, and the New England Educational Institute in Cape Cod.

Travis's certifications include:



Travis started working for Jeff Young in 1998 at the Cognitive Therapy Center of New York. He completed eight years of extensive training in couples therapy at the Gottman Institute in Seattle. Travis also has trained extensively for eight years in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and was personally supervised by the founders of EFT, Sue Johnson and Alison Lee.



Apr 14, 2014

Not only does Travis have a knack for empathy but he has a deep understanding of his field. He is both incisive and perceptive as well as extraordinarily patient and kind.

- Recent review from independently verified client of Travis

Recent Works of Travis

Travis is co-author of the schema mode therapy inventory, the SMI. He published “Schema Therapy for Couples: Healing Partners in a Relationship” in the Handbook of Schema Therapy (2012). Travis also presented with Sue Johnson on a training video for couples therapists working with LGBT couples.