Are You in Danger of a Relationship Breaker?

Headed for Disaster? In your marriage or relationship, are you and your spouse or partner headed for separation or divorce? You may find it hopeful to know that thousands of couples have been studied over 30 years to help us predict with up to 94% accuracy if a marriage or relationship is headed for disaster


In this week's marriage and couples webinar from the Loving at Your Best Plan, I'll be discussing what the six key relationship busters are.
If You Do Nothing: one key thing for you to know is that even if you and your partner or spouse are falling into some negative patterns that predict separation, there is still a way to turn your relationship around and become a relationship master. The high accuracy of separation and disaster only counts if you and your partner or spouse do nothing to change your dynamic. 

Register Now: tune in this Wednesday, January 23rd at 12:15 until 12:45 to see if you and your partner or spouse are falling into some of the relationship busters, and find out more about how you and your partner or spouse can stay away from the disaster zone.

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