Looking for the best counselors in NYC for your marriage or love relationship? At the Loving at Your Best Plan, we use a 5-Step approach based on the top-rated proven methods to help marriage and love relationships last. Even if you and your partner or spouse are stuck in negative patterns that have lasted for many years, we're able to identify what is getting both of you caught and then help you to quickly move to a place where your passion and love can return, and the fighting and conflicts can calm. 

The Loving at Your Best Plan combines the top-rated therapies into one approach, using the best counselors in NYC. We apply the principles outlined in "Love Sense" and "Hold Me Tight" by Sue Johnson using the Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. We'll help you master the skills from the Gottman Method using John Gottman's "The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work." We'll work with you and your partner or spouse to tune into each other effectively and learn the skills of mindsight using Daniel Siegel's work from Interpersonal Neurobiology, including "Mindsight."

Read the reviews from indecently verified clients working with our therapists to discover their experiences, and then book an appointment online now that is most convenient for you and your partner or spouse.

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